About Us


As most people know city budgets don’t always cover the needs of the city and the elements that make it attractive to potential residents and businesses.
This organization saw a gap that needed to be filled.  It started with a few, as in 10,000 daffodils, being planted on Hwy XCS to add a visual element to
this stretch of road.  Things progressed from there!


  • 10,000 Daffodils Project
  • Urban Forestry flower gardens
  • Annual hanging flower baskets
  • Seasonal banners
  • Harvest decorations
  • Annual holiday garlands, wreaths and lighting

Pride in Transforming Lives Together

As we met over the years, did fundraising to support our efforts we realized an even greater need.  With that we established Centering Onalaska Scholarship for the Arts: Dishin’ Art project and Concert in the Yard.

Because we are independent group, we are able to support innovative projects that wouldn’t normally be funded through the City of Onalaska.

Best of all, 100% of the donated funds go to the chosen cause.

With your help we can achieve so much more

Our vision is simple: to promote the City of Onalaska.

Together with your involvement, we can make a huge difference to the residents, businesses and schools in the City of Onalaska.

We are proud to be involved. We hope you will be too.