Our mission is beautification of the downtown Onalaska area.  We work to sustain our historic downtown area by helping to create a positive identity:   beautifying the area, enhancing access to the lake and waterfront and complementing a thriving business district with places to eat, enjoy, live and shop.

We need your support to continue our work – especially our summer flower baskets.  We would appreciate any contribution you can make – whether to our general work or our Centering Onalaska Flower Basket Endowment Fund is most helpful.

Donate to Centering Onalaska Flower Basket Endowment Fund:

This one-time contribution will remain in the endowment principal.  Only income generated each year from this fund will be used to purchase the flower baskets and pay for watering each year.  Here, your contribution will continue to generate income to fund the flower baskets forever.

Donate to Centering Onalaska in general:
Please make checks payable to Centering Onalaska and send to:

Centering Onalaska
415 Main Street
Onalaska, WI  54650


  • 10,000 Daffodils Project (1996)
  • Numerous Urban Forestry flower gardens throughout the community.
  • Streetscape design
  • Supported grant programs for streetscape design; influenced the final design/appearance of new Main Street
  • Building design guidelines established for Main Street and assisted with Monsoor building and Sue Kolve development
  • City entryway signs – assisted with development
  • Annual hanging flower baskets have enhanced the downtown streetscape since 2003.
  • Centering Onalaska Scholarship for the Arts (2010) presented to local high school students pursuing post high school education in an art related field
  • Seasonal banners provide year-round color and interest
  • Harvest decorations (2010) bring autumn to City Hall
  • Annual holiday garlands, wreaths and lighting are anticipated by everyone
  • City fundraisers for Centering Onalaska Scholarship for the Arts: Dishin’ Art project and Concert in the Yard
  • Sunny Lawn Stakes help “Create Community Pride” (Scott Bjorge)